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Bliss face

For the ultimate in luxury, it does not get any more exquisite than facials at Bliss. Our facial treatments provide the latest, tried and true skincare technologies and sensory experience.

Express Facial

Short on time? Try this quick, yet effective facial. Our express facial includes a gentle and powerful peel, completely revitalizing mask treatment followed by one of our luxurious finishing products that will deeply nourish your skin. Due to time allocated for the express facial, warm milk and fresh rose petal foot soak, and extended massage session will be excluded.

Allow 40 minutes, $95

The Cure Facial

Imperfection out, beautiful skin in! This facial is an exceptional beauty cure with its effective protocol that deep-cleans and detoxifies skin while relieving stress. This meticulous cleansing protocol is based on thermoactive enzymatic detoxification: it provides heat to open and soften pores, and botanical freshness to close and purify them. This treatment is a new concept that pampers your skin, providing an immediate state of wellbeing so that your skin can reach maximum purity.

Allow 75 minutes, $135

Skin Comfort Facial

Maximize the comfort of your skin with this avant-garde cosmetic repair treatment which restores the balance of your skin. This is the ultimate answer to sensitive and reactive skin types that display conditions such as red spots, dilated capillaries or inflammation. This treatment combines ingredients that repair and decongest, thanks to its ultra-softening botanical ingredients. Visibly soothes skin, providing maximum relief and comfort which deliver a serious answer to hypersensitivity and rosacea.

Allow 75 minutes, $150

O2 Relax Facial

Infuse every pore with a blast of pure medical grade O2xygen. This breath of fresh air facial treatment is ideal for all skin types, especially beneficial for anyone with dull or dehydrated skin. This protocol releases pure oxygen molecules into your skin. These molecules energize your cells and eliminate toxins accumulated in pores, achieving a state of total purity and relaxation. Restore your skin's tone and vitality with this amazing purifying treatment.

Allow 75 minutes, $195

Red Carpet Brightening Facial

This facial is an expert depigmentation treatment for spot-free skin. Natura Bissé's cosmetic response to the search for skin free from dark spots and blemishes. The effectiveness of this depigmentation method is based on 3 pillars: renewing, depigmenting and illuminating; through these pillars, it delivers remarkably even tone and skin texture. The elevated concentrations of spot-correcting active ingredients work with great precision, right where your skin needs it, providing cumulative results and preventing the imbalances in pigmentation that age your skin. Show off a spectacularly luminous, even-toned and velvety complexion; the ultimate answer to beauty without dark spots.

Allow 80 Minutes, $195

Diamond Energy Facial

Indulge in sensory energy for unprecedented rejuvenation. A luxurious experience with regenerative, energizing action that provides a surprising and immediate lifting effect. Powerful active ingredients - rejuvenating and deep-acting - and innovative massage techniques firm your skin, reducing wrinkles and expression lines in a remarkable way. Paired with our Multifunction Anti-Aging Device which includes Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Radio Frequency, Electroporation, Mesoporation, and powerful LED, this exclusive treatment reinforces skin's natural defense system, preserving long-lasting hydration and improving elasticity.

Allow 95 Minutes, $275

Truly Age-Defying: C+C with Diamond Microdermabrasion

Do something good for your skin! Give it a boost of energy with 100% pure Vitamin C. This anti-oxidant treatment relieves sun-damaged skin and helps fight the signs of premature aging. Together with a gentle, yet highly effective diamond Microdermabrasion, a resurfacing treatment, your skin will drink up a reparative serum, containing a high concentration of Vitamin C that is formulated to stimulate collagen production to renew skin’s firmness. It is an extraordinary experience and you will emerge completely nourished and revitalized!

Allow 95 minutes, $220

Face Lift Optimizer

Experience the least destructive anti-wrinkle solution. This powerful new treatment is the answer for anyone wanting to erase wrinkles and expression lines from their face. Through the next-generation active ingredient, OCTAMIOXYL, this innovative treatment relaxes facial skin contractions and leaves your face remarkably smooth. The protocol includes an effective sono-lifting technique that uses a tuning fork; based on facial micro-massage that stimulates production of the fibers responsible for keeping skin smooth and firm. Thanks to its exceptional combination of filler components, this treatment results in wrinkle-free skin and a defined facial contour.

Allow 95 minutes, $275

Powerful Gents Facial

This stimulating facial treatment is specifically designed for Men’s skin to counteract the effects of under-eye circles, lack of time, stress and daily shaving which results in dull, lifeless skin. This exclusive combination of highly effective products adapt to the needs of each skin type while the comforting massages for the scalp, neck and shoulders will transport you to a state of profound relaxation. You will emerge with a feather light soul, and a clean, youthful and revitalized appearance.

Allow 75 minutes, $150

Skin Ceuticals Peel

Our Skin Ceuitcals Peel is a trusted gentle, yet highly effective professional treatment to brighten, restore, and strengthen your skin. This treatment is a proven process combining aesthetics and science for a healthy, and beautiful glow.

Allow 40 minutes, $150


Combine and receive any of the following add-on treatments during your facial, body treatments, hand and foot treatments and selected massage therapy.

Diamond Microdermabrasion (up to two passes)

This gentle, yet effective resurfacing treatment will polish your skin to perfection with the innovative diamond tip Microdermabrasion machine.

Face $53 Décolleté or Back $79

Citrus Hands or Feet

Even out the skin tone on your hands and regain beautiful, silky smooth skin with our most advanced age reversing hand treatment.

Allow 25 Minutes $30

Essential Eyes or Lip

This dramatically effective treatment incorporates high concentrations of marine seaweed to help expedite toxin drainage, plump and firm your eyes and lips. As a result, puffiness is reduced and the appearance of dark circles is diminished from your eyes. Lips are left smooth, soft, and plump.

Allow 25 Minutes $30

Oxygen Mist

Saturate your skin with pure Oxygen and 52 vitamins and minerals. Great add on to any facial for an ultimate revival or after waxing service to calm, soothe and restore.


The Back Cure Body Perfector

This is a wonderful back treatment designed to decongest and purify. Its effective protocol deep-cleans and detoxifies skin while relieving stress. This meticulous cleansing protocol is based on thermoactive enzymatic detoxification: it provides heat to open and soften pores, and botanical freshness to close and purify them.

60 Minutes, $135

The highest quality wax, the most expedient and painless experience

Allow 30 to 60 minutes

Eyebrow $26
Cheeks $21
Lips/Chin $16
Arms (half/full) $37/$53
Underarms $27
Stomach $20
Full Leg $74+
Lower Leg $48+
Upper Leg $58+
Bikini (Moderate/Extensive/Brazilian) $37 / $53 / $84
Back $74+
Chest $58+
Full Face $79+


* We regret that depilatory services cannot be performed on clients taking Accutane, Retin A, or any antibiotics due to the sensitivity of the skin.

* Please allow 24 hours before sun bathing or using a tanning bed after waxing, as your skin may still be sensitive.